Target Stand


Volunteer Page

Project #1:

We need to keep a supply of wooden target stands in stock for the rifle/pistol range.  If you can run a saw and hammer we could use your help keeping the target stands in good condition.  If you have extra 2x4 lumber to donate that would be great or we can provide materials.  See diagram below for dimensions.

Ongoing Projects:

Mowing and week control

Rifle/Pistol range cleanup

Shotgun hull removal from skeet fields

Pond cleanup

Cleaning and marking trails in the woods

The UCOA is entirely run by volunteers.  All of the trustees, board members and the folks who help run the various  shooting and fundraising events are all un-paid volunteers.  We need more members to take an active role in the club.   If you can spend a few hours per year to help keep the UCOA affordable for all of our members please email our new volunteer coordinator.     He can find you a project that fits your interests, availability and talents.

In the past we have had many requests from members to volunteer their time but we haven't a good way to organize help.  We hope to use this webpage and our new volunteer coordinator to help match people with the work that needs done.

If you have some time to help the club with clean-up, maintenance, repair or special projects please email us at  We would love to have more members take an active role in the club.